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Rules of residence in a hotel «Ingul»

Rules of residence in a hotel «Ingul»:

1. Room is available upon presentation of a passport or other identity document.

2. Citizen makes the administrator passport or equivalent document, after registration and payment received the room key.

3. Check-out time at 12:00. Upon check in guests to check-out time, space provided only if available (if the room was not booked in advance).


Booking conditions:

1. Priority right to the hotel, get the person with a confirmed reservation number.

2. Reservation requests made by sending the hotel reservation department by phone or Internet.

3. With a guaranteed reservation is 100% prepayment for the cost of stay.

4. If the guest with guaranteed reservations with a 100% prepayment for the entire period of stay does not take advantage of their stay on the specified day of arrival and is canceled the booking after 12 hours of the day before the planned arrival for individual applications and less than 24 hours for groups of customers, prepayment rates can not be return.

5. Package of documents (testifying to state registration, testifying to payment of VAT, receipt with the check of cash register, receipt with the check of terminal).

Extension of time spent in the hotel.

If you need to stay at the hotel after checkout time, or for an additional day, you can refer to the Administration to extend your stay. Provided that, where possible, will be charged an additional fixed fee. Keeping (Compliance with the) order is in a hotel.

• Move into the hotel and got in the use of property located in a room, you must handle it carefully, avoiding damage. Losses suffered by guests in the form of injury, damage, destruction, loss of property located in the rooms, hallways and other areas of the hotel shall be compensated at market value. Follow the rules stay in a hotel, be polite to other guests and hotel administration. For violation of public order administration has the right to ask you to leave the hotel.

• Do not use the powerful electric appliances including heaters (electric kettle, iron, etc.), except when these devices are standard equipment for a given number or use the hotel staff.

• When leaving the room resident must: do not leave taps open, close windows, turn off the lights, TV and take the room key administrator.

• When the air conditioner is running windows and exterior doors must be closed. Every day should be airing rooms, with air-conditioning should be turned off.

• Guests are allowed to stay no later than 23.00.

• Accommodation with pets is prohibited.

• For the safety of money and jewelry, not deposited in the safe, the hotel is not responsible.

• The hotel provides rooms for smokers and non-smoking. For smoking in a room smoking a fine - 300.00 UAH.

• Smoking on territory of complex impermissible!

In cases of breach of living in a hotel of this Regulation, as well as in cases where the guests are in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other toxic substances and does not observe the rule of the personal and (or) fire-prevention safety, ignore the duty personnel or commit acts that may lead to an injury to life, health or property of other persons and (or) property of the hotel "Ingul" The administration has the right to apply to law enforcement agencies and (or) deny guests in the provision of accommodation at the hotel. The cost of purchased services is not compensated.